Nifty's + Kevin "Spanky" Long

Partnered with Niftys & pro skater Kevin “Spanky” Long to produce digital and physical skateboard art.

For a new NFT launch on their platform, the Nifty’s team partnered with pro skater and creative powerhouse Kevin “Spanky” Long to curate a group multimedia show of artists producing digital and physical skateboard art. Nifty’s worked with ITS to partner directly with the artists and realize their visions for the multi platform collectibles. The resulting collection is a dynamic showcase of art from some of the most creative pro skaters today including Alex Olson, Atiba Jefferson and Mike Gigliotti featuring paintings, drawings, photos, videos and collage all moving in beautiful 3D virtual settings.

The video loops comprising the NFTs were art directed, designed and produced by ITS with close creative collaboration from the artists and Nifty’s internal team.

Our team also helped create, design and produce the limited edition physical decks.


Atiba Jefferson
Alex Olson
Nate Kostechko
Mike Gigliotti
Nora Vasconcellos
Akwasí Owusu


Chris Farren
Alex Olson