Global Preferred Production Partner


Global Preferred Production Partner

Our long-standing relationship with Spotify was set in motion with the US launch of their developer platform in 2012. Since then, we’ve collaborated with Spotify on a gamut of digital experiences, expertly leveraging Spotify’s API and developer tools to become a Global Preferred Production Partner.

Branded Experiences

At the forefront of our relationship with Spotify have been the numerous branded experiences we’ve built, serving a multitude of different markets and reaching audiences globally.

At the heart of these projects we’ve utilized Spotify’s rich user data to create personalized user experiences that elevate branded marketing campaigns. Our expertise has also extended to advising creative direction, tone of voice, and ways for internal creatives and brand teams to navigate Spotify’s robust legal and technical requirements.

These experiences have included playlist generators and tailored content for some of the biggest global brands, including Gatorade, Rebook, Michelob Ultra and Emirates, creating millions of impressions amongst Spotify users.

Internal Inspiration

Beyond our more visible brand collaborations lies a mix of platforms and websites designed to support a range of internal Spotify projects and departments.

The most public of these endeavours was an exclusive ticketing pre-sale portal designed to support the Spotify Live events. Our solution involved a robust platform capable of rapidly producing on-brand and localized microsites that could support customized gated pre-sale flows as well as general ticket sale events.

On the internal side, we’ve also produced numerous tools to support Spotify’s team members and vendors. The festival support toolkit is one such success, which to date has been leveraged by over 50 of the biggest music festivals worldwide. We were also at the helm of Spotify for Creatives, a site designed to illuminate and inspire creative collaborations with Spotify’s streaming intelligence.

Global Preferred Partner

In 2019 we were selected by Spotify to be among the first in their Global Preferred Production Partner Program (GP4). It recognizes our years of experience working alongside Spotify and distinguishes our team as a trusted and go-to technology partner for future collaborations.